3 Simple Ways Kenyan Men Can Get Rid of Man Boobs

Man boobs in men are caused by the formation of excess fat or breast tissue.  This condition is known as gynecomastia and is commonly caused by high estrogen levels and is out of balance with testosterone levels.

Besides the hormonal changes, there are other causes of man boobs which include; consuming antibiotics, drinking excessive alcohol, excessive body fat, taking anti-ulcers medication, using steroids, kidney failure, liver disease, tumours in the testicles and as a sign that you are growing older.

Nonetheless, man boobs in men are mainly caused by excessive fat at the pectoral muscles (the muscles that connect the front of the chest with the upper arm and shoulder bones and drinking excessive alcohol.

Here are three different ways of getting rid of man boobs;

  1. Bodyweight exercising. This is an exercise of using your body weight to get rid of the breasts, the main focus should be on the chest. Such exercises include push-ups, barbell bench press, or attend a gym with different bodyweight machines. But it is important to consult a gym instructor and you are good to go.
A black man doing the push-up exercise                                                                                                                                                           [Source:flickr.com]

        2. Change your diet and eat healthier. For you to lose the weight and fat accumulated in the body, it’s advised to go the healthy way. This includes reducing the intake of high caloric foods like junk food and the consumption of alcohol.  Aim to have more vegetables, fruits, and white meat.

A healthy salad containing boiled eggs, cucumber, berries and sliced pieces of bread. [Source: carmmy.com]


           3. Avoid sitting down for long hours. This is because it tightens the chest muscles and causes your shoulders to slouch which adds more pressure to the breasts. It results in sagging and an increase in the breasts.



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