2 Dead as Al-Shabaab Invade Police Station

Suspected Somalia-based rag-tag militia Al Shabaab on Wednesday morning stormed a police station in Dadajabula area, in Wajir County.

According to reports, the attackers who were on a rescue mission, staged a surprise attack after two of their colleagues were arrested and detained at the station.

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“The attack was about rescuing two Al-Shabaab suspects we were holding at the station,” revealed one of the officers based at the station.

Heavy gunfire was reported at the station which is situated in Wajir South with law enforcers managing to repulse the attackers who were armed to teeth.

A heavy barrage of artillery and RPGs were reportedly fired at the resilient security forces who were later backed up by the military to battle attackers.

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When the guns fell silent, the attackers had killed the two suspects and injured two police officers and a reservist.

This is not the first time Dadajabula is facing such an attack. In 2010, Somalia militia who had illegally crossed into the country shot and seriously injured five people.

They drove to the village 200km South of Wajir town on two pick-up trucks at around midnight and opened fire while the residents were asleep in their Manyattas.


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