My Wife Only Wants to Have Sex in the Dark – Distressed Kenyan Man Cries Out

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A desperate Kenyan man who has never seen his wife’s private area has taken his frustrations to social media.

According to him, his wife never wants him to see her vagina when they are getting intimate and always insists on switching off the lights.

Read his story below:

I work as a customer care team supervisor in a well-known media house so I know-how dealing with many people can be at times. I have several ways of venting this off of me but in all honesty, this is the only place that can serve my purpose exactly the way I want it to be.

Trolls and bullies are everywhere and they can hurt your feelings when they get the chance. My confession is that after almost four years of marriage with my wife, I have never seen her private area, let me use the word p*ssy because I believe the channel as a place for venting anonymously shouldn’t have restrictions on using some of this words considered obscene in public media houses.

Not that am complaining that she is bad or the marriage is awful, Noooo, on the contrary, I couldn’t ask for a better wife. She is beautiful, kind, generous, a great cook and the best mum for our one-year-old daughter. She is the perfect description of a “wife-material” plus I found her as a virgin.

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For us to have s*x, it must be between the sheets or a covering and if not, the place/room must be dark. I have tried all I can to get her comfortable with me with her p*ssy to a point I used to stay naked in our house at night every day after work if we didn’t have people around before we got our child but she has never and isn’t showing any signs of changing.

I don’t know where the shame comes from because I love her so much that I can’t leave or judge her because of a p*#sy that I enjoy having s*x with.

About six months ago, there’s this female colleague of mine that loves cunnilingus and I ate her in my car but I didn’t penetrate her and it felt nice. I have never done it again but she keeps on tempting me telling me that it was the best oral of her life and she wants the action again and again. I have resisted the temptation strongly until she started sending me pictures and videos of her wet p*#sy, the killer being the pic of her finger moist with the juices of her p*#sy.

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I have to admit she damn turns me on but I’ve avoided the temptations of being alone with her because those are things I want to do to my shy wife but am afraid she will never let me. I hope God gives her the courage to let me see her and do anything I want with her because she is my life partner and I might not be able to resist this urge for the rest of my life especially when I imagine that the doctors who assisted her during birth have already seen it but I haven’t. 

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