The Real Reason Why You Will Never See Nameless Without Sunglasses

Why You Will Never See Nameless Without Sun Glasses (Courtesy)

Redsan has his durag, Lillian Muli has her long wigs with a side-swept bang and Nameless has his sunglasses. They all have looks that you can spot from a mile away, this is because they are their signature looks.

Developing a signature look is one factor in creating your personal brand, and these celebrities have done so.

For Nameless, his sunglasses look came from a need to see as he has eye problems so instead of wearing spectacles he wears prescription sunglasses.

Nameless wears prescription sunglasses (Instagram)

Speaking during an interview on KTN Nameless revealed that he cannot remove his sunglasses except when going to sleep as its very uncomfortable without them. This was after a fan begged him to remove his sunglasses while in studio.

 “These are specs, it’s just that sometimes I have some that are darker than others. I wear them all the time. The reason I can’t take them off is that they are specs and when you wear specs, it’s very uncomfortable without them,” he explained.

It’s very uncomfortable without them – Nameless (Courtesy)

Nameless is not the only celebrity who has explained his signature look, Swabri Mohammed popularly known as Redsan explained why he is always wearing a durag.

Speaking to the Nation in a 2016 interview, Redsan said, “That’s part of the brand. Have you ever seen Blueband without the yellow? You’ll find Swabri without the durag, but Redsan is Blueband; he’s OMO.”

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