Kenyans Perplexed by Abnormal Cargo on Namanga Road

One of the abnormally large trailers witnessed on Namanga Road on Monday

A convoy of abnormally long and heavy vehicles brought traffic to a standstill around East Africa Portland Cement Limited area on Namanga Road on Monday.

Escorted by electronic cargo tracking system teams, the trailers, some estimated to beĀ  about 15 metres long, snaked their way through Namanga Road as bystanders reeled in shock, trying to figure out what cargo was in transit on the vehicles.

“Hii kitu ni mrefu bana…inakaa kama wembe (This cargo is very long…it resembles a razor blade),” one local is heard saying as the vehicles pass by.

Although alarming in size, the trailers bore the logos of several government affiliated bodies, so residents were assured of their safety.

According to banners on the back of the trailers, the cargo belongs to the upcoming Kipeto Wind Farm Project, located in Kiserian, Kajiado County.

Wind turbines at a wind farm

Once complete, the second largest such project in Kenya will supply 100MW of energy to the national grid.

The project is funded by equity from Actis and Kenyan company Craftskills Wind Energy International.

As part of its Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030 drive, the government is seeking to harness more reliable sources of energy that are also in line with efforts towards environmental conservation to steer forth the goal of enhanced manufacturing.

Currently, Kenya is home to the largest wind farm in Africa, The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project.

L. Turkana Wind Power Plant

Launched in July, the Farm is projected to supply 310 MW of energy to the national grid.

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