Why Diamond’s Mother Posts Tanasha and Zari’s Kids but Not Hamisa’s

Tanasha with Diamond’s family (Instagram)

Over the last few years, Diamond’s mother Sandra Snura who is popularly referred to as Mama Dangote has been accused of favouring Zari and Esma’s children over Hamisa’s son.

This is because she openly shows her affection for her other grandkids on Instagram and in real-life while openly snubbing Hamisa’s son.

Bi Sandra (Instagram)

This favouritism has earned her criticism on social media with some fans openly asking why she never recognizes Hamisa Mobetto’s son as her grandson.

“Mama nakukumbusha umesahau Dylan au huna picha zake tufanye kukutumia? ” wrote a curious fan.

Mama Dangote then replied with, “Siku yake haijafika ikifika mtaona”.

Dylan recently turned 2 but there has been no sign of his picture or signs of affection from his paternal grandmother.

Now that Tanasha has welcomed her son, Bi Sandra has been flooding our timeline with pictures of the newborn.

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This act has once again raised questions on why Sandra favours her other grandchildren over Dylan.

What people don’t know is that her dislike for Dylan most likely stems from her hate for Hamisa.

Origin of Beef

In 2017 when Dylan was born and the scandal of Diamond cheating with Hamisa was on everyone’s lips, Mama Dangote snuck into the hospital where Hamisa had gone to deliver her son for a visit.

She thought she was slick by wearing sunglasses to hide her identity, unbeknownst to her, Hamisa had called the paparazzi and her clandestine visit was captured by cameras from Clouds TV.

When the video went online, it earned Mama Dangote insults and relentless bullying on social media with fans calling her a traitor for visiting Diamonds’ side chic while he was still together with Zari.

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