Video: Ignorant Kenyans Rush to Fetch Fuel From Tanker as Police Watch

Locals salvage spilled petrol from an overturned tanker at Mai-Mahiu on Thursday

In yet another display of ignorance, Kenyans rushed to salvage petrol from a fuel tanker that overturned in Mai-Mahiu, along the Nairobi-Naivasha Highway on Thursday.

In the video, locals are seen running towards the tanker with drums hoping to get a free share of the highly flammable petroleum product that has in the recent past claimed hundreds of lives by burning them alive.

The locals, almost all male, are seen unhurriedly collecting the fuel into their jerrycans as a policeman stands un-bothered by the situation, directing traffic.

A local walks away with fuel collected from the overturned tanker

Death from fuel tankers catching fire are not uncommon in the country, both as a result of human negligence and unavoidable circumstances.

In 2009, a deadly fire consumed over 100 people after a fuel tanker exploded as they rushed to collect the gushing fuel from the vehicle which had been involved in an accident at Sachangwan area, along the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

The site of the Sachangwan tragedy mass grave

It is suspected that the fire started after one of the locals rushed to the scene while smoking a cigarette, oblivious of the highly flammable nature of petrol.

Most of the victims died on the scene of the explosion, while several others died in a nearby forest while trying to escape the tragedy.

In 2016, 40 people died after a tanker transporting fuel to Uganda lost control and rammed into other vehicles at Kinungi area along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Remains of some of the cars involved in the Kinungi tanker explosion tragedy that left 40 dead

The tanker burst into flames on impact, burning 14 other vehicles into unrecognizable shells.

In neighbouring Tanzania, at least 60 people died after a petrol tanker burst into flames after catching fire while locals attempted to siphon petrol.

The scene of the deadly Tanzania tanker explosion tragedy that left at least 60 dead.

In July, at least 45 people died after a fuel tanker exploded while on a busy highway in Nigeria.

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