MCAs Thrown Out of Assembly For Undermining Speaker

Charri Ward MCA Ali Dima being escorted out of the Assembly hall following exchange of heated words with the Speaker of Isiolo County Assembly Halake Roba.

Two Members of the Isiolo  County Assembly were kicked out of the Chamber for exchanging harsh words with Speaker during a meeting where the famous Punguza Mizigo amendment bill was rejected.

Ms Ajira Abdi, a nominated MCA, wanted to have Charri, Ali Dima, the minority leader to be impeached saying the MCA did not deserve to be in the office.

She claimed that Mr Dima has been occupying the seat illegally for the last two years adding he was not representing his electorates but himself.

And Mr Dima accused the Speaker of his planned ouster causing heated exchange of words that led to the Speaker ordering him to be thrown out.

 Sericho MCA Nura Diba accused the head of the Assembly of not issuing order papers as was supposed to be 24 hours prior to House sitting.

The Speaker said he would make a ruling on Mr Dima’s fate on Thursday (today) but maintained that the House had no minority leader.

Mr Dima told the journalists that the Speaker had plans to intimidate and oust him from the position of the minority leader because of his strict stand and for demanding a copy of the expenditure report which is supposed to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

Also, Sericho MCA noted that they had not been serviced with the order paper for Thursday claiming that the House had plans of adopting the County Annual Development Plan 2020/2021 that has not gone through public participation.

The MCAs rejected the Ekuru Aukot’s constitutional amendments saying that it sought to erode the gains realised through devolution.

They claimed that the bill lacked good intentions for the citizens of the country and Isiolo County as well where they were under-represented.

The Majority Leader Mr Isack Fayo, the Kinna MCA said the bill is aimed at removing the gains already realised from the current constitution.

Oldonyiro MCA David Lemantile said the reduction of the constituencies will lead to underrepresentation of the county that he claims needs two extra constituencies.

And the Nominated MCA Ms Stella Ntuti, representing persons living with disabilities said there was a need for increased seats especially for women, youths and PWDs.


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