8 Buses Collide in Bizarre Accident, Idah Loses Round one in Battle with Fidel’s Widow & Sarah Cohen’s Story Not Yet Told

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What would push a man to bite off his son’s genitals? Is it hunger, drugs or mental illness?

The story of Salim Mwaluma, a 23-year-old Voi man who was arraigned in court on Wednesday for causing serious injury to his four-month-old son should be a cause for concern to all of us.

According to the mother of the infant, the father asked to take his son for a walk on Saturday but when they came back, he insisted on bathing him. It was only until a day later that she saw the painful marks.

Can a normal person commit such a heinous act? It is time we talked about mental problems especially for men like Salim. African men rarely talk about what they are going through. We hope this case will open up a discussion on mental illness.

Here are the stories making headlines this morning:

At least 8 Buses Collide in Bizarre Thika Road Accident

At least 8 vehicles are reported to have been involved in an accident on Thika Road near Muthaiga Police Station.

Four buses and a double cabin pickup are among the cars that got hit at around 6:30 am on Thursday. One of the buses, Virginia Coach, had skidded off the slippery road and hit the guard rail as heavy rain pounded the area.

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Idah Odinga Loses Round one in Fight With Fidel’s Widow

The Odinga Family

Ida Odinga suffered a blow yesterday when the High Court rejected her bid to gag the media in a case against her daughter-in-law Lwam Getachew Bekelle.

The court, however, ordered a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the Fidel Odinga twins and instructed the media not to mention the minors’ names.

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Sarah Cohen’s Story Not Yet Told

Image result for Sarah Cohen in Court
Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen, the main suspect in the murder of her husband Tob Cohen, is innocent and would want to know the people behind the macabre killing of the Dutch billionaire. Her lawyer Phillip Murgor has said.

Murgor also insists that Sarah’s story is yet to be told.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under huge criticism following the appointment of former Othaya MP  Mary Wambui to chair the National Employment Board. Uhuru has ‘recycled’ several old guards among them Noah Wekesa, Manu Chandaria, David Musila and Moody Awori. Do you think the president is right on the appointments? Should Wambui’s appointment be revoked after the backlash?

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