Kenyans Risk Lives to Witness Recovery Mission at Likoni

Residents standing by Indian ocean shows as they witness Lioni tragedy recovery operations: COURTESY

Residents of the Coast have been taking dangerous steps in witnessing the recovery of a car wreckage and bodies of mother and daughter at the Likoni Ferry channel.

The eagerness to see what the Kenya Navy was up to became more intense when the government Spokesperson Colonel (rtd) Cyrus Oguna stated that they had located the car wreckage with the two bodies inside.

Since the Wednesday afternoon announcement, coastal residents have flocked the shores of Likoni channel to have first-hand information on the recovery mission.

Other residents are soaring greater heights by climbing extremely high points to have an aerial view of the much-anticipated rescue mission.

When the recovery operations at the channel started, the government was prompted to halt ferry services for some hours to enable a smooth operation for the divers.

A disabled man attempted to swim across the Likoni ferry channel on October 3, following the suspension of the ferry services.

The man is said to have been frustrated about waiting for the services to be restored as divers worked to retrieve the bodies of Mariam and her daughter Amanda.

Picture of Likoni ferry channel: COURTESY

However, it is not only bystanders who are at risk during this crucial operation at the Indian ocean but also divers.

According to Cyrus Oguna, the removal of the vehicle is a nerve-racking procedure as divers involved in the operation face difficulties and life-threatening situations.

The car is located at 57 meters depth that he described to be caved, murky and has poor visibility.

The other life-threatening problem for divers is the presence of a species of deadly bull sharks in the area that the car wreckage lies.

Aside from the sharks, it is alleged that there are poisonous fish at that depth that are fatal to humans and also strong currents that are risky for divers.

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