7 Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Your Job

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Getting fired is one of the difficult things to deal with; especially if you did not see it coming. There are many reasons that could make you lose your job.

The truth is, anyone can get fired. The only difference is that the reasons vary from one employee to another.

No matter how hardworking you are, there are a number of mistakes that could attract a warning letter or even land you in trouble.

In some reported cases, some employees were fired for very unrealistic reasons or as a result of office politics.

However, some reasons for being fired are usually so genuine and you can never really get a chance to defend yourself. Simply because you know you did the wrong thing.

Here are the mistakes that put you at risk of losing your job.

1.Desertion/ Absconding duty

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This will earn you a direct ticket to unemployment!  Failing to go to work without getting authority or permission from your employer is a dangerous game to play.

Some employees tend to have a crazy habit of taking a break without informing their supervisors.

Another trick employees use is showing up at work and sneaking out with no intention of coming back.

These are not the right cards to play and to avoid being fired, you should have the discipline to always do what is expected of you.


Being unable to deliver or finish your tasks on the required deadlines can get you in a mess. You might be given another chance but failure to prove that you are worth being retained can render you jobless.


You can be pardoned several times especially if you have a valid reason. However, if you make it a habit, be prepared to receive your termination letter.

4.Misusing company resources

This is a trap that many employees fall for. There is always a temptation to use the company resources for personal gains. Even so, it is best that you resist this temptation.

Examples of misuing company resources is like using company cabs to run personal errands or hiring out company items in exchange for money.

5.Poor interaction with other employees

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Emotional intelligence is a trait that comes in handy in office relationships. Being rude, mean or unfriendly to other colleagues will not amount to anything good.

If your boss notices that you cannot work well with others, this can be a genuine reason for you to leave.

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Never show your boss the ugly side. You always have to be the sane one if your boss is ever mean.

This does not mean you should be his punchbag but always learn how to control your emotions and language when speaking to him.

7. Having a negative attitude

Negativity can be a killer for your career. In a workplace set up, it is advisable to be open-minded and have a positive attitude towards the tasks and assignments given.

Negative people make it difficult to achieve the company’s goals because they are always shooting down the ideas of others and fail to give better suggestions.

Negativity also affects performance since the employee is always in doubt about whether the set objectives are achievable.

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