5 Unmarried Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Above 40 Years (Photos)

Happily unmarried.

Go to school, get a job, get married and have kids is the path most people follow.

However, not everyone is in a hurry to get married and these celebrities have demonstrated that you can be happy single.

To start us off is:

Eve D’Souza

Eve had been spotted on several occasions with a man identified as Simon Anderson, but as she had revealed earlier, she is not pressed about jumping the broom.

Caroline Mutoko

The radio queen is well in her 40’s and is in no rush to tie the knot. She is a happy mother of two adopted children Theodore Nduku and a son who is almost 2.

Maina Kageni

Fans have been calling for this rich bachelor to settle down but their efforts are akin to flogging a dead horse. He once revealed that he has seen the struggles married people go through and he is not willing to yoke himself with the ole’ ball and chain.

“From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through. One of these days we should actually discuss what is the real importance of marriage,” he said on Classic 105.

Sheila Mwanyigha

Miss Sheila Mwanyigha is also not in a rush to settle down and not because she lacks options, I mean she has had 3 proposals, but she doesn’t want to just marry anyone just because she is required to get married.

“I am not yet married, I’ve been engaged several times. About 3 times. The first, I didn’t think he was the right person for me. The 2nd time my dad died and I wasn’t ready to leave Kenya and relocate to Europe. It was 6 months before the wedding. The 3rd time I said no. You don’t marry a person you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without. I never want to settle. If you don’t love someone as much as they love you, you can’t marry that person. You should marry someone you can’t live without,” she revealed on Milele FM.

Kalekye Mumo

As a radio personality, Kalekye has had plenty of men declare their interest in her but she is no rush to get hitched.

Addressing her single status, Kalekye tweeted “….For all those who’ve been asking… No, I didn’t intentionally choose not to be married… And It’s a prayer point…”

“Plus being in radio a lot of the guys who hit on me were way younger than me and of course had different priorities than me,” she added.

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