Lacasa De Papel Matatu Sends Nairobi into a standstill

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Matatu culture in Kenya has made the transport industry to become one of the exciting sectors. For the love of the famous series, Money Heist, a new matatu emerged full of graffiti themed with the movie including the driver’s attire.

This is not the first time matatu culture has surprised Kenyans since there have been others matatus in the past with graffiti representing different kinds of movies like Empire, Game of Throne and Prison Break.

In September 2016, international musician, Trey Songz visited Kenya and was so excited after seeing the type matatus in Nairobi. He was attracted to the then manyanga-coolest which was referred to as Catalyst from Rongai route.

He liked it more after boarding that he referred the experience like that of a live studio.

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Trey Songz in Catalyst Matatu

“The matatu ride was great. The music got really, really loud. It was loud, like a real live studio. Nyashinski explained to me the culture of matatus, you know the graffiti on the outside and it is just an amazing piece of culture and heritage” he said.

“To come somewhere and see such entertainment, life and love, such culture, just makes me feel that much closer to home. I look forward to experiencing much more. After the ride, I wasn’t able to do much else but get to the studio, which I’m here for.”

Matatu culture has become such a big deal that CNN featured it and Prison Breaks Tbag commented on a matatu bearing his image. Though facing some challenges that some official calls for its ban, president Uhuru Kenyatta said that the culture should not be killed because it is a way of job opportunity to the youth.

Check ot Kenans reactions below after seeing the Lecasa de pael matatu.

Nini Mim pround to be kenyan. capable of anything

Kris Hondoo In remembrance of Nairobi 😍 😍

Shiru Rahab Tichaa Proud To be a Kenyan by birth where anything is possible and correct

Ni Boyie Netflix kindly consider shooting an episode of Money Heist in Kenya. See how madly we love the show and Nairobi.

Barbie Beatrice If passengers are not singing Bella ciao Bella ciao Bella ciao is it even worth it😂😂

Laura Alora Favour Thanks for using
Nairobi the only African city mentioned

Kevin Klein Munyasa My country people always making a way of making people smile no matter the circumstances on the ground 😂😂😂😂😂

Derrick Reuben They should embrace the fact that we love money heist like shit, and act part of season 4 in Kenya.

Diana Nekesa Wakwoma He he Sasa huyu Aki wa hijack mutasema mulipanda hii gari kwa nini .Kenyans lol

Toni Njoroge na unapata kuna watu bado wanapanda hio mat.. and they clearly know its all about heist

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