Saving Habits to See You Through This October

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Have you ever sat down to wonder why you earn so much money, yet you can’t seem to be able to save enough to take care of yourself from month to month?

Well, maybe you are not saving the right way. Purpose to make this October different by planning a way of saving up.

Below are useful ways to help you through this new month.

Save your receipts

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After every purchase purpose to have your receipts ready for further calculation maybe at the end of the month. This habit will help you detect and check errors in collections and transactions.

Keep a record of your paper expenses

Have a file ready or a book to keep your expenses in check. In this way, you can remember it better, make comparisons and evaluate your financial behaviour.

Collect loose coins

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Remember that there are no small amounts to save. Check your backpack and your pockets and deposit all the coins you find, regardless of their value, in a block or in a piggy bank.

Once you reach a significant amount, you can go to the store and exchange them for a ticket to deposit in your savings account.

Learn about discounts and promotions

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Unlike the old times, the internet and social media have made it easy to learn about promotions and discounts on their various platforms. While this habit can be very useful for saving money, remember that you should not buy things only because they are on sale.

Prepare your own food

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This is a helpful way to control your portions, take advantage of all the ingredients and re-use the leftovers. It will also be convenient to plan your menus, not to buy more than necessary, and check the expiration dates of the food you have stored in your pantry, to avoid spoiling.

Buy responsibly

The financially mature people only invest in those products that are really worthwhile, do not buy impulsively, and above all, do not spend more money than they earn.

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