Meet Zari Hassan’s Little-Known Big Brother (Photos)

For years, Zari Hassan has given fans a front-row seat into her family affairs and we all know of her siblings Zara, Zuleha, Ashley and brother Ting Dis.

She recently introduced her elder brother at her fancy pre-birthday party held at the Altitude Rooftop Restaurant and Bar in Pretoria.

L-R: Nasser, Zari, Tingdis and Ashley (Access Films)

His name is Nasser Romeo and he is often seen on his Instagram Page hanging out with Zari’s kids.
Big Family

In a past interview, Zari disclosed that she comes from a big family and it has inspired her to have a big family of her own.

Speaking to Millard Ayo TV, Zari revealed that she is open to carrying King Bae’s kids in addition to the 5 kids she already has.

Zari and her sisters (Instagram)

“I am still healthy, very healthy and fertile but if I can’t get pregnant for him we will get a surrogate. Kids are beautiful, nilitamani kupata watoto kumi unajua watu wa zamani walikuwa wanazaa. I am so old fashioned and traditional I want 10 babies so my kids can have a huge family get together and a cookout. Okay, maybe 10 is too much. No, it’s not. Maybe. 10 Inshallah. It’s a blessing. Wanawake wanatufuta watoto hawazai. Wengine wetu tumezawadiwa kuzaa kama kuku so why not? Najiweza so hata akiondoka its fine,” she said.

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