Here is why Lube is ‘Important’ During Sex

Ladies, Let's Lube with Durex. Using lube can help you to achieve earth-shattering experience.

There are many reasons why many Kenyan women don’t want s** including feeling tired, discomfort, pain, lack of arousal, or that it just doesn’t feel very pleasurable.

1. The Body Catching up with a turned up mind:

A woman’s natural lubrication is always a sign of arousal, the same way erections are for menThe way your body makes it happen is pretty cool. During sexual stimulation, your blood vessels dilate so more blood flow goes to the genital area.

2. Lube frees up your mind

Worrying about your vagina being too dry to have good s** is pretty much guaranteed to backfire. Using lubricant from a local chemist can help relieve anxiety you have about that

3. Helps if you have a sensitive vagina.

lubes reduce friction, which helps keep latex contraception intact especially with those whohave sensitive ‘cookies’.

4.Offsetting some issues that affect your natural lubrication

Sometimes you’re wet enough to have a great time, but you feel like switching it up. Women use lubrication simply for a new sensation during s**.

5.Ama-azing Foreplay:

When you embrace the fact that lube can boost your s** life, applying it is like hanging a “Tutaji-niccee!!!” sign above your bodies.

6.Helps in Lasting longer

Without lubricant, you may experience dryness, especially if it’s for a longer, more passionate session. Lube can help you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time. It’s important to be as comfortable in s** as possible, especially for the inexperienced or those who will be trying it for the first time.

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