‘You Are Disgrace to Justice!’ Lawyer Murgor Attacked For Defending Tob Cohen’s Wife

Sarah Wairimu’s lawyer Philip Murgor receive backlash for defending her client over Tob Cohen’s Murder.

On Saturday, during a press conference, City Lawyer and Former Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) Philip Murgor told off DCI Kinoti for insinuating that his client Sarah Wairimu, wife to the murdered Tob Cohen, was behind the gruesome killing of her husband.

Murgor asserted that his client was innocent saying there was no evidence linking Sarah to the murder of her husband.

“Sarah is innocent by law she is innocent by law she is innocent on the basis of evidence she is innocent. No matter how much Kinoti talks to the media Sarah is innocent,” said the lawyer.

According to the Lawyer, since her client was arrested, she has never accessed her matrimonial home alone adding that she only went twice in company of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Murgor claimed that during the visits, the officer combed through the compound but found nothing linking his client to any malicious activities.

“They searched every place in the house. 99% of the search was done. . the inspected the carpet, golf kit, shoes.

She showed them secret panic room beneath Tob’s bedroom. She never used to sleep in the same bedroom with him.The police never knew the room existed,” he said.

The Lawyer further showed photographs of DCI officers in the compound,during the visits, and revealed that the detectives opened the underground water storage tank, where Cohen’s body was found, and got nothing.

The lawyer further accused the DCI of carrying out investigations without their involvement alluding to a possible foul play.

His revelations sparked massive reactions from a section of Kenyans on social media with many labelling him as an impediment to the justice system of Kenya.

Many rekindled moments he was the DPP and compared his performance to justify the many description they deemed fit for the lawyer.

Here is how social media reacted to his assertions:

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