City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Trade Insults With Khalwale Over Raila

Former Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale (left) and flamboyant city lawyer Donald B Kipkorir (right)

City lawyer Donald Kipkorir, on Thursday afternoon, took to his Twitter account to hurl insults at former Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwalwe.

Kipkorir, with an intent to mock Khalwalwe, asked him whether his children knew what his work entails when he sees them off to various school.

“Does he tell them the truth of his work?” He asked.

He took it up a notch higher when he continued asking hard hitting questions on his current political stand, further implying that he gets paid to abuse ODM leader, Raila Odinga, criticize the Building Bridges Initiative, among other developments.

“Does he tell them he’s no longer an MP? Does he tell them that if he doesn’t abuse Raila Odinga, denigrate BBI, Handshake & Dynasties every day he won’t receive payment?” Read the tweet in part.

Khalwalwe, as expected, did not take this lightly especially after he interpreted the tweet to be an attack directed towards his children. In response, he threw some insults back to the city lawyer.

“We don’t flinch from a tweet by a two-digit IQ scholar,” he stated insinuating that Kipkorir had an intelligence quotient of 99 or below.

“My children that you hoped to bully are my exact replica. They are studying at faculties of the UON that admit students with 3 digit IQ,” he asserted.

Khalwale further accused him of having a mental illness allegedly caused by Raila, “The more you rant, the more your tirades confirm your ailment, i.e. railamania.”

On Friday morning, the give-and-take argument ensued with a response from Kipkorir.

“Bony, your tweets everyday shows a psychotic mind …. You can’t wake up every day to insult Raila and look for funerals every weekend to continue insults…. Unlike you, I didn’t insult your family: I asked what you tell them your source of income is … You have sank so low!” Kipkorir responded.

Khalwale’s war of words with his former allies began when he decamped from Ford Kenya Party, where he was a deputy leader, to join Jubilee Party in May 2019.

Since then, he has become an ardent supporter of Deputy President William Ruto, who aims to vie for the 2022 presidential seat during the elections. It could be a strategic move for the bullfighter which seems to be already paying off.

On Wednesday, he, together with other leaders from the western region, held a meeting with Ruto to discuss development agenda in the area.

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