5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have S*x In The Swimming Pool

For many Kenyans, having sex in the pool is a major bucket list item. And underwater sex usually seems like a pretty great idea during the summer, particularly during a vacation.

However, before you let him dive into your deep end at the deep end, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Messing your PH Balance

Using water as lubrication can lead to micro-tears in the vaginal skin, which can lead to increased  STI risks like herpes and HIV. Again, these micro-tears bring us back to vaginal infections, like yeast, bacterial, and UTIs because the healthy space in which your vagina usually exists is compromised.

2. You Still need to Pee after Sex

If you’ve just had sex, surrounded by chlorinated water, you might think that you don’t have to pee after sex, because, you know, that body of water is washing away any bacteria that has been passed during sex. But, if anything, it might be even more important to pee after sex in a pool, because your chances of a UTI are increased.

3. The Pool Will Never Act as a Contraceptive

Although having s3x in the pool doesn’t increase your chances of getting pregnant, it certainly shouldn’t be considered a safe contraceptive. If you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, pool s3x isn’t the answer; condoms and/or hormonal contraception are.

4. Water can wash your Natural Lubrication

Having sex in the water can be tougher on your vagina than having it in a bed. People think water is like a vaginal lubricant, but they’re completely different. When something’s plunging in and out of your vagina underwater, some of that water will naturally find its way inside you, washing away your lubricating vaginal secretions, and potentially drying you out.

5. You can positively get pregnant while having submerged sex.

The semen doesn’t wash away or anything like that, even though some water can enter the vagina during intercourse. And that’s what both doctors really want people to know. There can be a release of semen during intercourse even before ejaculation.

Here is the video elaborating further on the risks:

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