Tricky Sana! Kenyans react to pressure when Avocados ripen all at once

A man in his Avocado farm Photo: Twitter

There are a lot of people who know about avocados since they are famous across the world and to say the least, it’s a delicious fruit. You can choose to either eat it, or use it for beauty purposes. But despite that, you can’t rule out the fact that there are tons of people who don’t eat Avocados (at least, enough of it), either because they don’t like it or they just don’t understand its usefulness to the body.

Kenya has just overtaken South Africa as the largest exporter of Avocado in Africa. Their strategy has been to develop small farmers to feed into the main stream established Enterprise. With that in mind, Avocado lovers know how it rocks when our folks give us an entire sack of avocados. The joy that fills our hearts to feast on them, won’t have you resting in peace as you wiat for them to get ripe and again because you cannot sell them. The saddest bit is they all ripen together.

What action would you take when they are all ripe and now you have an excess of them? Check out what Kenyans would do:

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