Hilarious Memes Galore As KOT Trolls Willy Paul’s ‘Lamba Nyonyo’ Song

PHOTO COURTESY Willy Paul Vs Funny Meme

After the Shadomado song, Willy paul dropped another controversial single dubbed Lamba Nyonyo which is purely secular. Willy Paul dropped his song after he went viral for threatening to pull a gun on a man while arguing for packing space.



Forget about the gun drama, Willy Paull’s song has evoked weird reactions as his fans denounced him claiming that the song was out of order. To express their dissatisfaction they went ahead to create hilarious memes on Willy Pauls song!

Here are some funny memes made to troll Willy Paul on his new song.

Here is the song sending Willy Paul’s Fans Crazy



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