Kenyans lobby Cancer to be declared a national disaster

Late Kibra Mp Ken Okoth, Photo/Courtesy

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, KNBS over 40,000 Kenyans are diagnosed with cancer annually, while at least 15,000 people die of cancer every year. This shocking report has raised a public uproar for the state to revamp its policy on fighting the scourge.

Also, over 13 legislators are undergoing cancer medication in Indian where billions of shillings are spent. But not every citizen is able to raise the high-cost os cancer screening.

Hon. Ken Okoth battle with cancer has been a real encouragement to people living with cancer. The Kibra MP will be greatly missed by his Constituents and Kenyans at large.

Most of the great things Okoth shall be remembered with is his hard work, resilience and visionary. Also, for being the best young leader that Kenya ever had.

Okoth who battled colorectal cancer is not the first MP to die of the scourge in Kenya. Two others have passed on since the August 2017 General Election.


The ministry of health estimates that at least 10,000 Kenyans travel abroad every year seeking cancer treatment. They use at least Ksh10 billion for treatment.

Hon. Ken Okoth Photo: Courtesy

Weeks after Cancer robbed brainy CEO Bob Collymore, it has dawned to Kenyans that we need better techniques to be able to diagnose cancer at early stages. As a country, we should not let cancer not be a death sentence. Hence, Kenyans are of the opinion that cancer should be declared as a national disaster.

Below were some reactions:

Maybe we shoud take the blame on why cancer is rampant, our lifestyle has played part in it don’t you think?

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