Snake Chases Lawmakers from Nigerian Parliament and the Reactions Are Hilarious

Lawmakers in Nigeria's Ondo state postponed
Lawmakers in Nigeria’s Ondo state postponed sessions Friday indefinitely after a snake was found in their chamber. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyans on social media will somehow, somewhere, someone always seems to find a joke to match any situation while trying to express different feelings towards different situations.

The news of a snake chasing the Nigerian lawmakers out of parliament building while sending lawmakers scampering and forcing an indefinite recess has attracted hilarious reactions as well.

“When we were about to enter into plenary, a big snake just ran out of the chamber which disrupted our sitting and we had to hurriedly leave the chamber,” said Olugbenga Omole, a spokesman for lawmakers from Ondo State.

The snake appears to have fallen from the roof into the plenary chamber. It did not bite anyone before it was caught and killed by parliament staff, said Omole.

Parliament Chambers.PHOTO/COURTESY

He blamed the incident on the dilapidated state of the assembly due to a lack of funds and overdue maintenance.

“That chamber is no longer safe for legislative business and because of that, we decided to adjourn indefinitely. The house will be going on an indefinite recess,” Omole said.

He said lawmakers would not return until proper fumigation of the complex was done.

Kenyans who have since marked this as the joke of the day, have gone on to hilariously link the appearance of the snake with the evil and witchcraft.

Here are samples of hilarious reactions from Kenyans on social media;




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