Unveiled! Kenyans convinced Hair dressers in Kenyatta Market are death Brokers

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Many Nairobians, especially the ladies know Kenyatta Market is the hub of hair braiding. Many women are familiar with how the salonists’ around that market have their aggressiveness on another level. When a woman alights at the market, especially when they notice that her hair needs attention, they don’t hesitate and will come to you with ‘Siste come nikushuke'( Sister come let’s do your hair).

So long as you don’t mind sitting on rickety plastic chairs and inhaling heavy, stale air from nearby pubs, then Kenyatta Market shall serve you right. In a recent revelation, Kenyatta market hairdressers have changed tack. They no longer wait for you to alight at the stage near the market or even on Mbagathi Road.

They seek you out in the city centre. Assume you were in town and going about your business, then head to Kencom and just as you are waiting on the queue to board a Kenyatta Market-bound bus, a woman taps you on the shoulder. The lady is asking whether you need your hair done, trust me now that are seeking business opportunity on another level.

According to the hairdressers in the market, the plaiting and braiding business is not booming as it used to, forcing the hairdressers to devise ways of retaining the clients they have and attract new ones. As if that is not enough they even “Kill” their fellow hairdressers just so they can have their clients. It’s tough out there..huh?

Upon the lady above sharing her story, some Kenyans disclosed their experiences at the market.

Others were shocked with the efforts to which the hairdressers would go just to have a client. Very dissapointing right?

The hairdressers have solutions to every thing, they would even recommend a hairstyle for someone with a bald head. It’s amazing what Kenyans can do.

Kenyan men can attest to this as well. They have confirmed the hairdressers can be nagging.

Below are more crazy reactions ladies have had at Kenyatta market:

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