Ommy Dimpoz Narrates How He Almost Lost Voice Permanently Through Mysterious Sickness


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Tanzanian Bongo Fleva star Ommy Dimpoz was put under medical care for many months in the year 2018 and some part of 2019.  Ommy’s health condition was very critical that at one time, he was admitted at ICU.

The sickness of this great entertainer touched the bongo fans at a personal level because the voice which they were accustomed to went off the air for quite some time.

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Messages of sympathy circulated all over social media wishing him quick recovery. However, many people did not know what he was ailing from.

On Friday night, Ommy Dimpoz was interviewed by a number of Kenyan media houses where he opened up about the difficult journey he walked through the sickness.


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Speaking to a number of Kenyan Media houses, Ommy Dimpos revealed how he panicked when he woke up one day and found out that he could not speak. His voice was lost and he could not sing.

He explained how he went to the doctor and received shocking reports that chances of getting his voice back were at 50%. Given that his voice was his career he panicked.


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One day I woke up and I have no voice, I went to the doctor and he told me that one of my Vocal code was paralysed. To make it worse the doctor said that the vocal code could fail completely or come back. I was very frustrated. I could not sing. When I asked the doctor he said that I could have been poisoned.  It has been the most difficult season of my life because of the many surgeries i had to go through. However, I thank God for the healing and the fans who were there for me.

Ommy Dimpoz explained!

Lucky enough. Ommy Dimpoz recovered fully and he can speak and sing now. Ommy has been in Kenya for some time. About a week ago he was seen having fun with Akothee and Zari in Kenya.

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PHOTO COURTESY Chebby, Zari, Aothee, and Ommy Dimpoz



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