Beginners guide on how to play with bedroom toys with your man

Sex toys are a way to spice up things in the bedroom, that way you and your mans don’t run out of ideas during the ‘meating’. It’s okay that not all women venture into this sexual area of their sex lives and it’s all good. I mean, we all have different sexual preferences anyway right? But I still got ya’ll who wanna add some spice to their sex. So here are some tips on how.

1. Put on a show

You know how men get turned on by what they see, and so this is gonna be such an easy thing to do. Am I right? So you can gather up your favorite sex toys and put on a sexy show. This will so score you some extra points with the D. He can see, but he can’t touch. A little tease here and there will get him begging for you.

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2. Stimulate his prostates

For those ladies who are willing to go the extra mile here; insert your finger up his ass (yes you’re not seeing your own things). By now you should know that his prostate glands are super sensitive and this gives him a full orgasm. You’re asking yourself how huh? Well, this gland is located inside him and  If you don’t want to put your finger up his ass, then you can stimulate it indirectly outside his body, by pressing on his perineum, which is the rough piece of skin between his balls and ass. So, do you have the balls to do this?

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3. Using them toys before sex

Let ya man please you with a vibrator or something. or you could let him watch you do it. Either way, you both get turned on and then the real deal happens. You can opt to introduce the toys in your convos beforehand so that you’re both prepared mentally and physically. So still interested in the game?

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So ladies, who’s willing to go down this road with a couple of toys?

Trust me, it’s worth a shot or a miss *wink*. I believe that there’s a little bit of nasty in each and every female.

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