Willy Mutunga: Selfishness and Greed failed Raila

Photo: AU Representative Raila Odinga during the past function/courtesy

The ‘People’s President’ and AU Representative Raila Odinga has been described by all big names including the enigma and barometer of Kenyan Politics. But Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga is not ready to give him all those credits.

Mutunga has come out to state why Raila’s tenure as the opposition leader did not bear the expected fruits. Speaking to a local media channel, Willy Mutunga stated that Raila failed to deliver because of his selfish reasons and Greed to power.

“I personally think the opposition, let’s say the recent one lead by Rt Prime minister Raila Odinga, had more than 5 prominent leaders in it but failed our country because of selfish reasons and Greed to power,”Mutunga claimed.

Mutunga argues that the opposition in Kenya has not reached the required levels to keep the government in check and balance.

To some extent, Dr Willy Mutunga’s argument is justified. During his tenure, Raila was keen to succeed President Uhuru. His style of opposition was aimed at assassinating Uhuru politically for him to ascend to power. It did not work out.

However the light of opposition in Kenya dimmed after the handshake between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila has taken a step back to be the greatest policy pusher for the government.

For a minute, the opposition has been termed as ‘dead.’ Although ODM has struggled to maintain that it is still serving as the opposition, their impact is just too minimal to be noticed.

Other leaders have termed themselves as opposition leaders but still, that is not working out. ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi more than once has maintained his stand as being in opposition. However, his efforts are still low.

Third-way alliance leader  Ekuru Aukot once termed himself as the opposition leader but his efforts we can argue that its just zero.



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