Here’s why Kenyan men apparently cannot date some Kenyan women


Men complain about how complicated we women are when in reality, men are like a Rubix cube. They think they’ve got it all figured out and have the right to decide who’s good and who’s bad. So, ladies, I’ve got some tea to spill for ya’ll concerning reasons why men can’t date some of us.

1. Things he sees but doesn’t like

Apparently, men don’t like dating women who only seem to talk about their past and allow their past to determine their presence. All he sees is baggage and he is either to egotistic and proud to claim it and help you get through it, or he just doesn’t care about you enough to help build you.

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2. He sees no  physical attraction

Let’s be real ladies and let’s call a spade a spade. Yeah? We all know that in the relationship sector,  men are physical, psychological and physical. As in, if there isn’t a physical attraction, men won’t go there. True or false?

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3. He sees that she holds on for dear life

Like what is this? Men like a woman that shows interest and makes him feel special. They do not, however, like women that are stuck to them like glue. It shows a lack of trust in him and a man hates women who are clingy and have no life for themselves.

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4. He sees her as materialistic

This screams high maintenance and judgmental from far ladies. One of a man’s biggest turn-off’  is meeting someone that’s more interested in what someone can buy or give her.

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So there you have it, ladies.

These things tick men off and so they are picky when it comes to women.

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