Ever wondered what happens to your vibrant coochie when you grow old?


As if puberty growing up wasn’t enough, here’s something else we have to deal with as women; watch our coochie change drastically.  We have dreams of wanting to maintain our youth forever, but the truth is we’ll eventually have to embrace growth. It’s the cycle of life and we just have to go through it. Here’s a list of 3 things that happen to your va-jay-jay as you age.

1. Your pubic hair

The graying, thinning and loss of your coochie hair. Luckily you don’t lose all of it, but you lose quite an amount of your pubic hair. On the bright side, it means you’ll shave a little less as you get older and the downside of this is you’ll start to grow hair in areas you wouldn’t dream of having. Well, there is a treatment for this. (sarcastic yay!)

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2. Your vagina starts to look older

As you age, your vagina starts to lose elasticity and you develop wrinkles; which also happens to your coochie.  The vaginal walls thin out and become dry and inflamed and only sexual arousal can invigorate your coochie to feel alive (momentarily though, then it’s back to you know).

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3. Your uterus and vaginal entrance can shrink

So, your vaginal entrance narrows with old age and all the tissues constrict when there is no activity (sex, masturbation) going on. Which leads to irritation, dryness, and sometimes, inflammation of the vaginal wall. With that being said, maintaining a certain level of sexual activity can offset some narrowing and so, please engage in at least some sexual activity every now and then to prevent this.

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4. You won’t be able to control your bladder

A little sneeze, cough or even slight movement will have your bladder tryna break free and release the pee you’ve worked so hard to hold in. Well, as the saying goes ” when you gotta go, you gotta go”

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5.  Sex drive takes a toll

Libido depends on a range of factors, from your hormones to your emotional state to physical restrictions, and every woman is different. Either way, you can make sex a more enjoyable experience—and keep your coochie lubricated and healthier or you can choose to mope around crying about how old you’ve become and just get depressed. The choice is yours to make ladies. So what’s it going to be?

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So, enjoy every second of your life now ladies, because as you grow you won’t be able to get your life back.

Make the most of now while you can so that you don’t end up regretting all the risks you didn’t take.

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