Zimbabwe’s Musona will never get this chance again

The 2019 African Cup of Nation has reached its critical point where teams are trying all they can to pull out from the dangerous elimination zones as only two top teams from every group will proceed to the next level. Plus, the best four third-placed teams in all the groups, to make them 16 teams.

But Zimbabwe’s Knowledge Musona notched up the miss of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations with an absolute howler against Uganda. This is actually a miss of the millennium as we are not sure when Musona will get such a chance again.

The Zimbabwe Captain successfully drowned his team to a pit considering the fact that the Warriors lost their opener against the hosts and a win against Uganda was the only way to revive their hope of going past group stages. So, a win was far more important than a draw. And, when a chance presents itself, you have to take it.

Worst of it all, that was not the only chance he missed. Here is the first missed chance.

But football fans had this to say about the missed chances;

And with football comes comedy football and you won’t see anything more horrendous than what happened in Zimbabwe and Uganda match. Well, we hope not…



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