Planning for that girls night out? 5 hacks to have an epic time

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It’ s a few days to end month, and the weekend is here, you know what that means….huh? It’s the end of a tiresome and overstretched week so you and your girlfriends decide to unwind on a Friday evening at your favourite night spot, sipping on cocktails and worrying about how much weight you’ve gained but knowing you won’t do much about it.

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Work, school, or motherhood, creates the need to decompress with friends and enjoy some time away from the lengthy to-do lists and looming deadlines. Hanging around your friends in itself is a fresh breath of air as they are the few people who actually get you and understand how your mind literally works.

Here are some hacks to help you have an epic girls night out.

1. A Sober Friend

If you are out for alcoholic drinks as for ladies, it is always advisable to have one of you completely sober or at least just slightly tipsy. You may ask why. Well, we all know how terrifying things happen to girls out here. Men out there who really do not care about our well-being.

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You can and should never trust someone you just met at the club, which is common nature to drunk people. Alcohol just causes you to be super friendly for no apparent reason and with all of you drunk as skunks, no one would make sense out of such a serious situation.

2. Extra Cash

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This is Nairobi; you never know what’s going to come your way. You might have planned for a polite evening but ended up popping bottles of wine just because. It would be quite crazy to have all that fun just to realize you cannot pay your bills. Emergencies also do happen and that extra cash might come in quite handy.

3. Budget

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Do not live above and beyond your means. Always discuss how much each of you is willing to spend on the night. Unless stated otherwise, it is assumed that everyone in the squad should contribute an equal share of money to cover for expenses to be used. If you are low on cash, this is the time to open up to your friends instead of coming up with last-minute mediocre excuses.

4. A smartphone, at least

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It is common for many ladies do not carry their smartphones to the club especially when they have come ready to party. It is quite obvious that drunkards and losing their phones are closely related. However, you should always have at least one and I cannot stress this enough, fully charged smartphone.

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Ubers come in really handy when it’s 2 a.m in the morning and you all are crying for your beds and a piece or 4 pieces of Chicken Inn’s wings. And they sure as hell won’t request themselves. I am usually sceptical about hopping into a random taxi as so many things can go wrong as opposed to taxi apps where all the details are shared with you.

5. Rules

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Yes, you read that right! There are some girl codes for the club that all ladies should follow to the latter. Do not leave your drinks unattended. You never know who’s waiting to spike his/ her way to you.

Do not leave the club with a random stranger. Even when you feel an unusual bond to the person, I promise you, it’s the liqueur. Your sober self won’t make such a dumb decision and neither should drink you.

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Stick together. As much as you are adults that need no supervision, it is always wise to stay around each other the whole night and party together. I mean what’s the point of a girls night out if you’ll sneakily call your boyfriend at 11 p.m to come to pick you up? Enjoy the time you have together with your girls. Make stupid decisions but ones that you won’t regret later.

Finally, drink water religiously throughout the night. It’s the only assurance of not having to deal with a hangover the following morning.

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