Up your wrist wear game! Affordable timepieces every Kenyan lady should own

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A watch is a must-have accessory for every modern woman but it’s not the cheapest thing to own. Men would sometimes blame us for not keeping time, claiming it’s a lady’s thing but what’s better? Getting late with a classy watch..huh? Sounds lame but trust me, you will stand out.

If you have ever invested in using a timepiece then you know that for watch investment value, not all watches are created equal. There are plenty of beautiful women’s watches out there, and many worth investing in.

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Over the years, designers have offered an array of fantastic designs with lots of delicate, feminine touches. Thankfully, there are nice substitutes that easily look just as good or even better than these luxury brands. Whether you’re looking for a timepiece or fashion accessory, here are some affordable brands you should consider;

1.    Daniel Wellington

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This is one of the most preferred watch brands at the moment. It’s stylish, beautiful and most importantly, affordable. This brand came about a mere 8 years ago and took the market by storm. You’ve probably seen many influencers talking about this watch and wondered what was so special about it.

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Apart from its signature NATO strap, a Daniel Wellington watch has a clean face making it very easy to use. It’s both practical and fashionable thus its popularity.

2.    Millner

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Millner is a more affordable watch brand that also lives up to its reputation. The London-based brand creates accessories for everyday wear. This means that they are durable as they are attractive. Their watch comes in both a metallic and leather strap. The best part is that these watches cost less than Ksh 10,000 and there’s something for everybody on their website.

3.    Cluse

Cluse offers a unique range of watch designs to choose from including snakeskin and multicoloured mesh. Additionally, this watch brand is quite affordable as most watches cost below Ksh 10,000. You get value for your money not to mention look like a boss. You’ll also find something for yourself or the woman in your life on their website.

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4.    Olivia Burton

This brand is as feminine as it can be. If you’re into girly but classy accessories, this is the watch for you. Some of its designs bare flowers, birds and bees. It has a vintage look so you know it won’t go out of style. It also comes in a variety of straps including metallic, silicone and leather. This is a brand worth having in your collection. Its price ranges between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 20,000.

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5.    Skagen

This is another popular watch brand. It bears a simple face with the iconic dot numbers. There’s no denying how beautiful it looks. However, it also has ordinary numerical figures to make it easier to actually tell the time. If you love colours, you’ll be impressed by their wide collection especially the silicone watches.

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6. Sued Watch

Sued watches are a Kenyan brand usually with a Maasai touch which gives ladies a stylish vibe. If you are that babe who loves to add a little bit of extraness in your life, these watches are to go for. Sued have the option of giving you two straps that would easily transform your look from an office look to a fun night out.

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