Barcelona disappoints Neymar by setting tough conditions before negotiations

Barcelona changes tune and sets new conditions to Paris Saint-Germain before they can consider having Neymar as their player at Nou Camp.

Barca acted as the catalysts for the heated arguments between Neymar and the club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, when they made an enticing statement that seemed to be seeking the star back to Nou Camp.

Since then Neymar completely changed his mind from the French club and has been looking forward to forcing a move from the club this summer, a thing that has stirred quarrel between Neymar and Al-Khelaifi.

During an interview with the one French outlet, the PSG President said that; “The players are going to have to assume their responsibilities even more than before.

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“It has to be completely different. They will have to do more, work more. They are not here to have fun.

“And if they don’t agree with this point of view, the doors are open. Ciao!

“I no longer want to have superstar behaviour.”

While the president did not mention any player’s name in his statement, many have termed the statement as targeting Neymar following his current controversies.

Neymar, on the other side, responded by stopping any negotiation involving his contract extension in the club.

But in a rejoinder, Nasser Al Khelaifi, tightened the rope even more and disowned the Brazilian claiming that no one forced him to sign for PSG.

As the arguments get hotter, Barca remains the best place for the 27-year-old to find solace.

However, Barca after triggering the war now set conditions to the French club before they can consider signing the player.

Barca demands the salary of the player lowered, his legal problems solved and that PSG accepts players in exchange of the world’s most expensive player.

All eyes are waiting to see if PSG will give in to Barcelona’s demands and release the player to them.

On 3 August 2017, Barcelona announced that Neymar’s legal representatives made a payment of €222 million to the club, equal to the release clause of his contract, which constituted the most expensive transfer ever.

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