Check out stylish outfits celebrities wore for Eid Celebration


Celebrities marked Eid holiday celebrations by stepping out in stylish outfits and joining their fans in the Eid activities.

Eid Celebrations are usually marked with various activities including feasting, going to the mosque, helping and the needy or as simple as having some family time.

Both Muslim Celebrities and others who subscribe to different religions were yesterday looking all glam.

For the non muslims, it was more of wishing the Muslim brothers a good holiday and beyond that, some joined in the celebrations.

Check out some of the most stylish celebrity outfits

1. Zari

Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan rocked a creme Sari with a touch of black.

Zari is always known for her exceptional fashion sense and her dress code manifests class, beauty and posh lifestyle.

Zari celebrated her Eid by hosting friends over for dinner and she showed off her mastery in cooking different foods for her guests.

Although her stand on religion is unclear her look was stunning, gorgeous and breathtaking.

2.Mombasa Governor Joho

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho boss look was also a big talk as ladies could not help but admire his outlook.

They call him the ‘slaying governor’ and he did not disappoint with his sharp uniquely designed blue Kanzu outfit.

Governor Joho celebrated his Eid with Mombasa residents at his late mother’s residence and there was such an overwhelming turn up.

3. Jane Ngoiri

Media Personality Jane Ngoiri was looking all simple and gorgeous in her  African outfit and a head wrap to spice up her look.

The touch of makeup also blended so well with her outfit making her nose stud conspicuous.

Some fans, however, did not seem to like the nose stud


Towa hiyo ring ya ma pua


Toa hiyo pin ya mapua

4. Rashia Abdalla

Citizen TV News Anchor Rashid Abdalla  was in a simple blue Kanzu. His sons accompanied him in Navy Blue Kanzus

Although simple, Rashid stole the day with this look with his beautiful family.

He is one of the  male media personalities who is always with a very executive look.

5.Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian Sweetheart Wema Sepetu  wore a green fitting dress and her  lace veil with glitters.

The curvaceous Actress is known for her style and fashion is always on point.

Her curves flowed perfectly on the dress and this is an outfit that everyone drooled over.

6.  MC Jessy

Comedian MC Jessy is known to be quite adventurous when it comes to fashion.

MC Jessy was in a full white Kanzu and headwrap; he blended it with fitting sandals.

Speaking of his adventures in fashion, he once stepped out in a full Naija traditional outfit.

7.Amina Abdi 


Media Queen Amina Abdi slayed in a simple floral top , brown pants and a green headwrap.

Amina accesorized her simple look with dangling gold earrings and the makeup did the magic.

Who do you think was the most fashionable?

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