Esther Passaris’ phone calls to Sonko that made them clash in public

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There was drama in Kamukunji, Nairobi on Saturday when Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko publicly clashed with Nairobi Women Representative Esther Muthoni Passaris.

The war of mouths erupted when they grabbed microphones, better Sonko’s words were hotter, prompting Passaris to walk out on him.

But what is the main cause here? Well, phone calls Passaris has been making to Sonko are the cause. We however don’t know the exact times of the day the women MP make calls to Sonko.

Speaking at Pumwani Police Grounds  on Saturday during Madaraka Day celebrations, Passaris had said she had been trying to reach Sonko but he had been dodging her calls.

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But Sonko is a busy man! That is according to him.

Responding to the claims, Sonko said he would answer her calls when he is free, adding he was a busy man. He even told Passaris that he was not her husband! Quite brutal Sonko!

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“Iam not your husband that I should answer to your calls anytime you want. Let us respect one another. Even President Uhuru Kenyatta does not respond to my calls every time,” he said.

Passaris then rose from her seat and walked away from the podium as the crowd cheered, and what Sonko saw he could say is, “Haya kwaheri….Kwaheri ya kuonana….nenda salama”.

Sonko also told Passaris to stop asking about how he spends his money.

“My money; the one I have from my own pocket, I will share with the Wanjikus. The little you have, take it to the children’s home,” he said.

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