Kenyan Ladies know all too well about the Brayo’s, Kevo’s and Johnte’s of this country. They are everywhere like flies…. waiting on you, creeping….at that supermarket, the kamovie shop, that donda from your favourite mat…. that ka-guy creeping on you at work…yes that one. Wako wengi na hawatuwachi tupumue aki!

He is the guy that makes you laugh, says all the right things, gets you vagina screaming for some vitamin D and has you mentally packing an overnight bag to go to his, bus sis don’t do it! This is a story you’ve lived before, its time to stop giving community service to these bad boys for you know it never ends well for you.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to stay focused until the good man arrives:

bad boys, bad boy syndrome, sex, vitamin d
He will derail you from the right path

You’ve been praying to God that you need a good man and been telling your girlfriends you’re done with the bad boys, but yet you’re here contemplating to respond to his call and accept his date. You will find yourself actually walking away from the right man that is set for you because you’re too busy hanging on to someone who is never meant for you.

bad boys, bad boy syndrome, sex, vitamin d
Choose compatibility over chemistry

Your attraction is pure chemistry, the more you think about it there is no compatibility beyond you sexual attraction. So your connection and attraction will soon die out, so why start something that already has an expiry date.

bad boys, bad boy syndrome, sex, vitamin d
Unnecessary heartache

Why do you need to put yourself in a situation where you no emotionally all it will do is put you in a fix and can even affect you mentally. In the end what you have will not be a conducive environment for the love you want and hope to create.

Don’t lose out on something good for something temporary!

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