Raila Stirs Political Waters, Warns Ruto of Impending ‘Tsunami’

While 2o22 succession politics gain momentum, opposition leader Raila Odinga has stirred political waters after he hinted that the 2022 presidential race will be a do-or-die contest.

Without revealing if he will run, Raila told ‘those engaging in 2022 politics’ to brace themselves for a tough battle.

The opposition chief was speaking when he went to Burma market with a host of ODM leaders for lunch.

Speaking to thrilled supporters, Raila said there are things they want to fix that will change the direction of the country’s politics for good.

“Don’t be swayed or derailed by politics of 2022. There are things we must fix before 2022. If we don’t stand up now, things are going to get worse,” said Raila.

Without revealing details, the ODM party leader said the changes will be key to the country as they will ‘restore sanity to our politics’.

“The coming changes will provide a chance to restore some sanity to our politics and running of public affairs,” he added.

The ODM Party leader stopped at Burma Market while on his way to condole with the family of former Assistant Minister Oduya Oprong.

The political rivalry between the two is taking new levels. Recently Ruto dragged Raila’s name in the fake gold scandal an act which many are claiming that he is taking advantage of the scandal to haunt his rivalry.

On the other side , the Deputy President has been under constant attacks from opposition leaders and a section of Jubilee leaders who are allied to the ‘Kieleweke’ faction.

The leaders have been accusing the DP of engaging in premature 2022 politics.

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