How a Stroke of Luck Helped Police Recover Stolen Gun

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In what appeared to be a stroke of luck, police dramatically recovered a pistol which was stolen from an AP police officer guarding Bomet Senator Andrew Lang’at.

The AP- Peter Sigei had earlier reported the loss of his firearm at Embakasi police station. He, however, did not divulge the details surrounding the loss of his Czeska pistol.


While appearing in court in May, the officer said that he was attacked by a gang of four people who robbed him of valuables and also made away with the pistol which had 12 rounds of ammunition.

Friday 24th, police would storm a bar where a group of criminals had commandeered patrons to lie down and were stealing money from them.

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Bomet Senator Andrew Lang’at

A shootout ensued where one of the suspected thugs was shot dead and a pistol recovered from them.

“The following was recovered from the scene; a Ceska pistol serial number KE AP B021194, one magazine loaded with four rounds of 9 ammunition, assorted alcoholic drinks, six mobile phones, one flash disk and a conductor ID card with the name of Brian Lisheshe,” read a police report on the incident.

Police would later realize that the firearm was the same one stolen from the Bomet senator in April.

In January, a police officer identified as Charles Nyakeya lost his pistol after forgetting it in a toilet moments after relieving himself.




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