Teams to Support should Kenya Exit AFCON Prematurely

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Let’s face it; Kenyan teams are infamous for exiting international football tournaments early.

As much as we would love to dream big and aim for the stars, the reality is that we are going nowhere.

Simply take a look at our group to see just how bleak our AFCON aspirations are.

In the group, we have been bundled with fearsome Senegal and lethal Algeria. Two national teams that are known to terrorize the continent with quicksilver play and devilish tactics.

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We also happen to share the group with our local neighbors from down under, Tanzania.

So the reality is that the favorites to qualify in the group are the aforementioned giants.

Putting it into perspective, we can only clinch a mere three points from the group…or even four if the gods favor us and we draw with Senegal.

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So now that you know where our fates lie, which teams should Kenyans be supporting if we fail to make it past the group stages?

You’ll be happy to know that Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya have all qualified for AFCON. This is the first time in a long while that the region has gotten such a massive representation of teams on the international front.

So if we do get bundled out early (which we will) then we will have to find other teams to support. And what better way than to show support to our fellow East African peers?

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Indeed, Burundi seems to have an easier route to second round qualifications, seeing that they have Guinea, Madagascar and Nigeria in the group.

The only uphill task they have to face in the group is Nigeria, and after that, it’s all roses and carnations.

As for Uganda, they are bundled in Group A with hosts Egypt as well as Zimbabwe and DR Congo.

In fact, the only massive problem they will have to face is hosts Egypt, who they can overcome if they play their cards right.

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So for many of the Kenyan football fans out there, let us give our undying support to our fellow brothers at the Lake and down under.

That being said, we certainly hope Sebastian Migne is able to pull a rabbit out of his hat and take the boys all the way to the finals

Hongera Harambee Stars!

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