Kenyan Scammers Now Go For CS Monica Juma After Finishing With Matiang’i


There is a very dangerous group of Kenyans coming up that is hell bent on reaping from where they did not sow. These individuals have come up with rogue ways of getting easy cash and as such they will do all and anything that it takes just to get the easy cash.

Their latest web of operations has seen them resort to conning unsuspecting Kenyans using identities of influential Kenyans like Politicians and Cabinet Secretaries.

Before we forget, these people have even conned people using the name of the President.

After using Interior CS Fred Matiangi’s identity to con the Dubai Royal Family in a Fake Gold Syndicate, another group of individuals has come up and this time, they have involved Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma in their dirty business.


The DCI is probing individuals who use a fake identity of Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma to con gullible Kenyans.

Yesterday, Cyber Crime detectives were undertaking forensic analyses to establish the nature of electronic gadgets used to contact victims of the scam and the location of the impersonators.

Juma officially complained to DCI boss George Kinoti of criminals impersonating her and using her name and photo to solicit money from her social circles.

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“Our attention has been drawn to social media accounts that are impersonating the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monica Juma. These accounts are being used to solicit money from unsuspicious individuals. Kindly note that the CS has one Twitter account (@Diplomacy_Kenya) only and has no Facebook account,” Juma’s office wrote.

Kinoti urged persons who have been contacted by the criminals to volunteer information to his office.

“Detectives from the Cyber Crime Unit have commenced investigations to ensure the perpetrators are dealt with according to the law,” he said. Cases of cyber bullying and criminals impersonating public servants have been on the rise.

Why do you think there is a rise in fake business syndicates in Kenya?

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