What it is like living as a Handsome Man

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As a handsome boy, being taken seriously has been a decades-long battle. What is it like to go through a normal life being too good-looking? I have always been objectively, empirically, ridiculously hot, and encouraged them to be as candid as possible, except some short parts of my puberty where I do not know what was happening.

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The last thing any good looking man wants is to identify himself not just a being good looking, but knowing it. But that you cannot escape easily since you are being constantly told over and over at the office, ohhhh! You are cute! Handsome! Looking like a snack and the random queries of them wanting an offspring from your gene pool.

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When I was younger, everyone was always telling my parents, you need to put him on a billboard and that kind of talk. I was a pretty baby. My physical appeal hadn’t quite got to me yet until I joined the university. I was making out with a girl and we kissed one time, she said, ‘This is every girl’s fantasy.’ I didn’t comprehend what she was talking about at first.

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Even women older than me, hit on me the times we went out clubbing, we did get some drinks due to that but it later became an issue. I only had one girlfriend pretty much all through university, but the attention made her very, very insecure and worried about my fidelity. In other words, over time one starts to doubt oneself, Do I have all this because I earned it, or because I’m good-looking?

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