Brave Onyango who inspires people using sweet food as he nurses his ailing and expectant wife.

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Onyango uses food to write inspiring stories of his marriage after his expectant wife got involved in an accident.

About four months ago, Onyango Owira’s wife was hit by a car from work. The wife was three months and two weeks pregnant when the accident happened. In what Onyango saw as a miracle, the unborn baby survived the impact of the accident.

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With an expectant and ailing wife, Onyango quit his job barely six days into it. He had recently acquired the job from a construction company.

Jobless and with a sick expectant wife, Onyango had to brace himself for the worse. Quitting a new job to attend a sick and expectant wife is not a simple decision, well, for most men.

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In the accident, the wife suffered muscle damage and pelvis fracture which now combined with pregnancy left the wife writhing in pain.

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As Onyango excitedly put it in a long facebook post on a popular page, the condition promoted him to ‘head cook in the house’.

Onyango’s position in the house as the headcook made him discover that he had a talent in cooking.

He posts photos of food on the popular facebook group and give an inspiring story to accompany the post.

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In the more recent, post, he had just been invited for an interview with a popular TV station.

In that particular post where he shared the story of his wife, Onyango, he did it to commemorate date 17th, when the sad event happened.

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In one of the posts, Onyango lightly shared a post depicting his wife’s craving for somewhat ‘an uncommon combination’ of foods.

In the photo were biscuits, ugali, meat, omena and he placed a passport size photo of his wife, just to prevent in case someone else may want to use the photo as their own.

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Onyango is hilarious too in his posts that majority of people react with laugh emojis.

In one funny post, he says that he cannot recommend ‘Indomie’ to any man as the sole meal.

In another post, he’s made food and attached his ID photo, the post had 29k likes.

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