“Uko na kasoro” Ringtone’s woes pile as ladies reject him

Gospel Artist Ringtone Apoko has today been blasted over his attention seeking behaviour.

The Singer has been  sharing the same old narrative that he is looking for a wife and Kenyans are clearly tired of this narrative.

In a recent Instagram post, Ringtone who seems to have completed his fasting and prayer season says that he believes that his wife is on the way and he will soon find her.


🙌🙌my wife is on the way in Jesus name🙏🙏🙏 help saying Amen

This narrative has raised a lot of concern as some of his fans feel that there is something totally wrong with him.

Others doubt that the Singer even has the confidence to approach ladies and some have pressured him to man up and make a move.

Days ago, when he had declared his interest in finding a wife, most ladies in his comment section had made it clear that his mouthy and attention seeking behavoiur could be the reason why he is not getting a wife.

Although he is receiving so much negativity in line to this message, other Ringtone fans  have encouraged him to remain hopeful and his wish will soon be granted.

Meanwhile, this good vibe did not hold back the nasty comments that some had to say about his situation.


Go out there talk to a girl… Wife don’t come by miracle kaka


Aki wwe uko na kasoro…quick recovery


Same story everyday…boring!


But if u hurry u will marry wrong


This whole attention is making her uncomfortable, punguza mdomo nanii



#ringtoneapoko bros yani kutupa vineno huezi??? Tupa pesa basii bibi akum na dakika mbili…,


Uli wachana na wily pozze


Wacha ujinga …toka ukatiane hakuna bibi anajileta pekee


Very simple my Brother.. Pick one of the beautiful girls who DM you. F*** her so well until she wants it again and again . Repent on the fourth occasion then marry her 🤫


Hiii baridi nkaa inakupeleka mbio

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