How Drunk Eldoret Woman Killed Husband

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Police have launched a manhunt to bring to book a woman suspected to have killed her husband after a short domestic brawl.

The woman from Uasin Gishu’s Kamukunji area is said to have arrived home drunk to her husband who asked her why she had come home drunk.

Irked the couple, according to neighbours,  started a fight, but were separated and told to solve the matter the Sunday morning.

“We intervened when we heard them arguing and were able to calm them down.We agreed that they should sleep and revisit the matter in the morning,” said one of the neighbours.

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However, the couple is said to have started fighting again in the dead of the night, where the woman reportedly murdered her husband and dumped him behind the door.

The man’s dead body would be discovered Sunday morning by a landlord who had gone to collect the house rent.



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