Fireworks as Bobi Wine’s Candidate Floors Dictator Museveni at Kampala University

These are exciting times to be a Ugandan because Wananchi can smell of freedom from the era of dictator Yoweri Museveni. And they will have no one to thank but Bobi Wine, who has given them a reason to believe that the time for a revolution is now.

Since being elected an MP in 2017, Bobi Wine created the People Power Movement which is challenging the established status quo. People Power is dominated mainly by the youth who feel the time is ripe to oust Museveni.

And to prove that it is a very popular movement, People Power is winning almost all university elections across Uganda.

A people Power candidate has just won the Kampala University Guild President for the 2019/20 Year. Sulaiman Kabuga, a 3rd-year Computer Science student emerged victorious in the highly competitive elections after rigorous campaigns.

According to his campaign team, he was voted in despite the university banning him from using the people power brand on his posters.

But he still managed to win with more than 1300 votes beating Dictator Museveni’s candidate with more than 1000 votes. Walakira Hamim of NRM came a distant 3rd with 165 votes.

Sulaiman joins a long list of People Power Candidates who are taking over student leadership in Uganda.

In March, Bryon Luswata, a third-year student of Bachelor of Law, was voted as the President of Nkuba University also on a People Power Movement Party.

“I registered under People Power because we are the future generation and need to work for the future of our country,” he said shortly after he was declared the winner.

In February, Mr Julius Katerega and Jonathan Tundulu won Makerere University and Kyambogo University guild elections respectively, also on riding on People Power Movement.

The impact of People Power is set for its biggest challenge when Bobi Wine takes on Museveni in what is already shaping up to be a tough 2021 elections.

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