Nobody can stop Reggae neither can they Kenyans

Kenyans are genetically engineered to be last minute, people and if you are trying to do something about it you should just stop wasting your time, stop wasting your good time because that’s where you go wrong.



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Attitude ya watu wa Huduma number @madeinkiberaprods

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We will even be given a whole month to do something, a whole 30 days, and we will find each other, the neighbors, our parents, grandparents and our boss at the queue, busy pushing each other peoples and just reeking of sweat, that is the true Kenyan spirit. Like whoever goes to something first? Who? Even when we die we arrive at our own burial late in our coffins.


The Huduma fiasco has had its bads and good, from bribes to long queues, the hot sun, the rude huduma number clerks who look like they are always ready to talk trash.

We will go late to everything, our births, our weddings, our graduations so huduma number registration is no threat to us.

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