Hilarious Reactions as Moi Beats Huduma Namba Deadline

Former President Daniel arap Moi registers for Huduma Namba at his home in Kabarak Gardens, Nairobi, on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Kenyans have a history of leaving it late before doing something. Even our athletes wait until the last minute before smashing world titles.

And former President Daniel Arap Moi, proved that doing things last minute is deeply rooted in our system, as he joined the majority of Kenyans in rushing to register for Huduma Namba.

Moi was airlifted from Kabarak to come register for Huduma Namba. And ICT CS Joe Mucheru was on the ground to ensure nothing went wrong. Yaani our leaders are this idle?

And to demonstrate that this was an important exercise, Gideon Moi was present to ensure the Huduma clerks did not demand for Bribes from his father like they have been doing to other Kenyans. This one is supposed to be a free exercise paid for by our taxes (I am not sure if Moi pays taxes)

Meanwhile, thousands of Kenyans risk being locked out of the Huduma Namba registration as the deadline ticks closer by the minute. A spot check across the registration centres shows long queues that are not moving.

People started filling the registration centres as early as 3AM, more than 3 hours before they were opened.

The government has insisted that the registration will not be extended beyond the Saturday deadline and those without Huduma Namba will not access

services. There have been claims that those without the number will be declared persona non grata and a threat to national security.

Even though Kenyans are registering in large numbers, they are doing so because of the threats and intimidation issued by the government on the consequences of not registering and not the benefits of the Namba.

Activists on social media have urged Kenyans not to be intimidated and resist Huduma Namba since it has no benefits at all.


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