After Huduma Namba deadline, what next?

‘What next after Huduma Namba Deadline’ has been a question running to the minds of most Kenyans especially those caught up in the last minute chronicles.

Long queues in Huduma Namba centers with the clock ticking less than 48 hours to go, most Kenyans are in tension what will happen if they fail to hit the deadline.

The failure to register for Huduma Namba has been characterized with a number of threats which the government has not publicly declared.

Some people have been running around with information that those who will not be registered by 18th of May will not have access to government services.

Some have claimed that those who fail to register will be deported, while an earlier threat was that those who fail to register will have their phones deregistered hence will not be able to communicate.

These are the most common threats which have been making rounds in social media but they are all not factual.

But the question of what is really next after Huduma Namba deadline has been best answered by the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

According to KHRC the process of registering to Huduma Namba is a voluntary exercise which should not at any point be made compulsory.

Their is NO DEADLINE to Huduma Namba registration. KHRC has boldly stated that according to the High Court Ruling the state has no mandate to impose deadlines to Huduma Namba registration process.

But to those who miss the deadline, don’t worry the Huduma Namba registration is a continuous process. One can visit the nearest Assisant Chief and still get registered.

So no pressure, don’t bow to threats everything is fine after Huduma Namba deadline.

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