We Expected it! ODM Makes Bold Statement On Nanok’s Affair With Ruto


Opposition Party ODM has finally responded to queries regarding actions to be taken on Turkana Governor and Party Vice Chair Josphat Nanok following his recent association with DP William Ruto.

According to ODM, they were well prepared to see Governor Nanok fall for Ruto’s advances and as such, it is not a surprise to them that he actually did.

They have termed Nanok’s changed Political tone as Inconsequential while also admitting that it is his Democratic and Political right to support Ruto if he so wished.

This is according to ODM Chairman John Mbadi who has also revealed that Nanok stopped taking part in important matters in the Party, and that they were just waiting for him to finally make the bold move and reveal his Political stand which he has so far done.


“There is nothing new that has happened, some of the people serving their second and final term are looking for future political survival. Some want to be remembered through appointments in government,” Mr Mbadi said.

Do You Think Governor Nanok’s move to abandon ODM will have vast effects on the Party?

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