Waititu off the hook as Auditor General owns up the mess

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has had a very rough time after the Senate appearing which saw his county produce a budget line close to that of the national government.

This elicited a lot of reactions as the leaders and people of Kiambu turned their backs on him. The Governor blamed his political enemies for that bizarre budget.

But the office of the Auditor General has owned up the mistake.

Mr Edward Ouko said the audit queries flagged by the Senate committee were an issue of “bad reporting”.

“It is just an issue of bad reporting or the information was slotted into a template which was not customised for that particular reporting of the county budget, so you end up with some budget heads from a template of the national government budget. It is not an issue on whether counties spent money on those items,no,”he said.

“I think you have systems of accounting and then there is subsidiary reporting which is supposed to be done on the budget separately and meant to go to the County Assembly and this was really intended by the Treasury to allow the counties once they have the accounts ,they align the budget heads.”

This is a sigh of relief to Governor Waititu among other counties which were also affected with the bizarre budget.

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